• As you enter the toddler room, you immediately feel a vibrancy that something exciting is taking place. Each day your child will experience an age appropriate theme that encourages learning and keeps their interest growing.
  •  Toddlers and twos are no longer babies; therefore, we emphasize independence to let them be curious while building skills and coordination. At this stage, children build friendships and rely more on communication as their language develops. Through age-appropriate activities, our teachers encourage growth and exploration, particularly of the sights, sounds, and textures around them. Some of the activities they engage in include: outdoor play, art and sensory experiences, doing puzzles, reading, housekeeping, using play dough, and playing with musical instruments. Our low staff to toddler ratio fosters social/emotional development and provides plenty of hands-on attention. A nutritious breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack are included to keep our toddlers energetic and ready to learn. 
  • As your toddler comes to recognize and explore his or her independence, our daily early childhood education activities will keep them learning and adventurous while maintaining a safe place for such exploration. The “Toddler News”, which goes home with your child each day, keeps you informed of his or her activities.