• Tots & Blocks Academy recognizes the unique developmental stages that occur between ages two and three. We therefore have two separate classrooms within this age range which allows us to focus solely on different stages of early childhood education.  
  • Cognitive development by matching colors, shapes, and objects, by understanding quantity, and by fitting objects together 
  •  Social-emotional development by presenting opportunities to engage in parallel play 
  •  Fine motor development through puzzles, lacing, buttons, and block play 


  • To provide opportunities to strengthen their newly developed self-help skills 
  •  Develop physical skills through marching, running, hopping, jumping, and ball play 
  •  Intellectual stimulation through identifying, sorting, and classifying objects 



  • Eye-hand coordination through puzzles, stacking blocks, pegboards, stringing beads, and shape sorting toys 
  • Art activities offer opportunities to enhance skills through a variety of materials including coloring, gluing, finger-painting, cutting, and much more 
  •  You will receive a daily report, the “Terrific Twos News”, which is emailed to you at the end of each day to keep you informed of your child’s activities. Our open door policy encourages parents to visit their children at any point throughout the day.