With an emphasis on warm, secure relationships built on trust, infants at our program feel free to interact, explore, and discover. Contact with our qualified, caring teachers helps them develop the ability to connect with others as they grow up. The typical day for our infants centers on routines. Activities such as hellos and goodbyes, eating, diapering, napping, and dressing make up the curriculum to help them learn and develop at their own pace as they begin to explore the world. 


 Some other activities include: tummy time, singing, finger play, reading stories, playing ball, blowing bubbles, outdoor play, buggy rides, and creative art activities. Our low staff to infant ratio allows plenty of time for one-on-one cuddling. Personal cribs and separate eating and play areas allow our infants to follow individualized schedules.   


 The age range for our infant care is from six weeks to twelve months. As you
enter the infant room, you will immediately feel the supportive atmosphere of the surroundings from the rocking chairs to toys and music. Our immaculate infant room has a “shoes off” policy so as to ensure a sanitary environment for your infant to safely enjoy crawling on our carpeting and mats. 

 You will receive pictures of your child during the day as well as a daily report, the “Infant News” which gets emailed to you each day to keep you informed of your baby’s activities. In addition, each infant has his or her own crib which is used for sleeping only. Our open door policy encourages parents to visit their infant at any point throughout the day. 

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