Safety and Security

Facial Recognition on the main entrance


  •  Facial Recognition Biometric system
  • Matches parents face
  • Only unlocks door if the face matches an enrolled parent’s face
  • Does not allow strangers into building
  • Records a log of faces
  • Always on

Video Monitoring


  • Tots & Blocks Academy has an open door policy for parents of enrolled children.
  • The monitors to view the classrooms are located in the office.
  • There are surveillance cameras located in each of the classrooms and outside.
  • Due to security concerns the cameras are NOT linked to the Internet.

Classroom Safety


  •  Tot Locks for restricted access to drawers and cabinets
    •  Requires special magnetic key
  • Finger Guards on all doors
    • Prevents finger getting stuck in doors




  • Teacher can talk to parents
  • Call for supplies
  • No reason to leave classroom


  • Child has access to bathroom and does not have to leave classroom

2 separate sinks to teacher hygiene

  • One in bathroom
  • One in classroom

Video cameras

  •  Parents can watch child interact with teacher and other children
  • Director is always monitoring the classrooms

Hand Blowers

  •  To dry hands
  • More sanitary than paper towels

Daylight LED lighting

  •  Zero UV Emissions – LED Lighting Features Close to No UV Emissions
  • Light Disbursement – LED Lights Achieve Higher Application Efficiency