Tots & Blocks Curriculum


Tots & Blocks Curriculum


Each month teachers, children and parents explore a social science theme and the entire school bursts with the sights and sounds of that theme. Parents receive “The Tots & Blocks Times” from the office to alert them as to what’s going on.  The school is a part of Class Dojo.  This is a free app and the individual classroom teachers will keep in contact with you.  Parents are kept up to date on their child’s class activities, Show and Tell, an alphabet letter and pictures 

  • Example:  A January theme may deal with the new weather pattern we are currently experiencing.  We learn what animals do (grow thicker coats, sleep, travel etc) and our art projects, science experiences (ice fishing Tots & Blocks style) and co-created stories deal with this topic.  We take a picture of a tree to see how different it looks this month compared to its appearance beginning in September. An animal print in snow (shaving cream) is another favorite activity.  Since these activities are dynamic and hands on children are naturally involved because they are active learners.

Three to Four Year Old Age Group

 Activities for this age group reflect their more limited attention span and need for individual assistance and nurturance.  For many children, this is their first experience away from home,  and we recognize the challenges this poses to the child and his parents.  Socially, children learn the difference between sharing and taking turns, how to approach another child to initiate play and how to form a line and stay in it. Cognitively, we discuss colors and shapes, number concepts (not just counting), name and alphabet recognition.  Different art media are used to develop fine motor skills and create a sense of accomplishment and pride.  They perform one show in the spring at the Old Bridge High School.  They practice singing their songs at music time and put on a memorable performance. 

Four to Five Year Old Age Group


Letter sounds (phonics) are introduced as part of each theme.  We practice writing the letters as well as our names in upper and lower case letters.  Scissor skills are encouraged as well as independent reinforcement work for all of the areas we have covered.  Taking turns at speaking as well as with materials becomes pretty routine with extra help offered as needed.  They focus on Popcorn words (sight words) and we promote early reading. This age group graduates KIndergarten Ready.  

In December, they have a holiday show and perform on stage at the grade nine center in the Old Bridge High School.  They also have a graduation in June.  Families are invited to attend with no ticket limit. 


 All groups come into the lobby daily for music.  Starts with familiar tunes like the ABC song and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to get the children comfortable with different musical instruments. The live guitar and  the keyboard sounds are a wonderful accessory to singing.  The students voices shine and they enjoy music time very much.   We add in seasonal and holiday songs as appropriate and even some contemporary music the children ask about.  We invite the parents of the birthday child  in for  celebration at music time and a treat.  The child gets center stage at music as their friends wish them well.  

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